2020 has been an interesting year so far!! COVID-19 has forced us into a new Normal i.e. Work From Home(WFH).

Zoom meetings and Virtual conferences have become part of our daily life; like with everything else this new normal is forcing us to adapt and reimagine our wardrobes. Though we are stuck at home we still want to make a Style Statement:

So here are a few tips on how you can Create your Style statement whilst WFH:

  1. Invest in Statement pieces Investing in Statement pieces focusing on Blouses. Since the top part of our bodies will be showing up at these meetings, finding the right blouse for you is important.  Blouse have some details on the collars work great and never underestimate the power of bows. Check out this piece on Ann Taylor website.
  1. Comfort is Key – With being home we may have put on some Quarantine weight. We want to look at pieces that are comfortable and have some room. Oversized shirts are great because they give you room and you can style it multiple ways. Check out this piece from Zara.
    A. You can tuck it into your pants or skirt to give a slimmer silhouette.
    B. Open it up and tie it at the waist to give a trendier look.
  1. Colors– Being at home or WFH can be a little draining on our energy, to bring the energy back into our work meetings or just everyday lives.  Clothing that have color in them are a great way to add color, this could be print or just a bright solid color. Not only will it brighten your mood, it will also add color to your zoom meetings. Check this from Tory Burch and another one..
  1. Jewelry– Invest in some Jewelry; earrings are always a good starting point. They brighten your face and add color to your outfit. Jewelry ties an outfit together. Here is one from the MODChic collection, the WOODEN DROP OVAL EARRINGS and another from Christina Greene

Hope these tips help you with defining your style wardrobe during this pandemic!! Stay Safe and see you soon.


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