Why Online Shopping isn’t a Cup of Tea for all?

Isn’t online shopping a real fun? You can shop the world’s leading line of clothing from anywhere at any nick of the hour. No calorie burns to shop now; all that is needed to shop is a smart phone or laptop and off course your shopping card with adequate balance to shop.
But do you know there is some percentage of folks that do not love shopping online. Some still prefer to spend hours and hours in shopping in the multiplexes or local market.

Here’s insight into reasons of their dislikes for online shopping –
· Quality issues- They think that quality of apparels purchased online are of inferior quality.

· Return hassles – One can easily exchange from local retailer, but exchange or return from online shopping stores takes lot of time.
· Payment insecurities – Women feel apprehensive of crediting amount from their credit cards due to fear of increasing cyber crime as one has to share bank details, phone numbers and their name in paying for the stuff bought.
· Untimely delivery and inaccurate tracking system – It is presumed that you never get timely delivery and also the tracking system never reveals true status.
One solution to various above problems of a customer is to not to shun online shopping, rather buy it from credible stores known for excellence, commitment and having authentic names behind them.

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