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As someone who has been in the fashion industry for over a decade, I can tell you that this is something that most women struggle with. Some of the things I hear everyday – I don’t think I can pull off that style, its not my color, I have had this blouse for years I just can’t find something to pair it with and the list goes on.
If you have ever asked your self any of these questions then this guide is for you, or if you have ever wondered how to brand yourself this guide is for you.
In this e- guide I take you through the BASICS to ADD-ONS from a retailer’s perspective. Get this E-Guide for $9.99 plus a free copy of my ‘Styling your Body type` .


“A well-written e guide, short and direct with no fluff. Super impressed with the layout and content. The eguide takes you through the body types to style through the ages, which I found very interesting. Over the years, you find out that your taste in style may change due a busy life, confusion with lots of gorgeous images and advice out there on the internet. This e guide brings it all together you don’t get lost – you don’t need to have a wardrobe filled with so many clothing items and accessories to stand out – you can a create your personal style and be YOU. The tips are easy to put into practice, and the introduction of foundation makes it possible to wear just about anything appropriate. Well done Ebele!

Ann A. London UK

“This is an amazing styling ebook and I would definitely recommend it. I feel more confident about styling in general and for myself as an individual”

N.U. Maryland

“If you’ve ever felt insecure navigating the topic of fashion or you’re clueless about your personal style statement, then this guide is perfect for you! Written in a warm conversational tone, Ebele gently draws you in with her expertise and knowledge as she skillfully guides you to discovering your personal style brand. The chapters on “Basics” and “Must Haves” are a must read for anyone, particularly those newly embarking on the journey. They’re chock full with practical tips & advice to get your creative juice flowing. This guide is evidently a labor of love from Ebele, and her gift to the world of fashion.”
Ify E. Houston TX

“I just finished reading the ebook “Create your Personal Style” and I swear the author had me in mind when she wrote this book. I thoroughly enjoyed learning how to style my body. I even learned what body type I am. This ebook is a must for every woman. Ebele takes you through the years and how to adjust to trends while still remaining authentically yourself. This was a well spent $9.99! Great work Ebele! Thanks for thinking about women.

Maka B. from Miami Beach, FL.

"I love this style guide! Written in easy dialogue, it is a style must have for every woman who wants to learn how to dress for her shape and her age. I especially love the styling tips for women in the different seasons of life. Kudos Ebele"

I. Adereke UAE

“Create Your Perfect Style was an amazing read! It renewed my love affair with fashion! I had lost an appreciation for my own sense of style by getting caught up in what looked good on everyone else. My focus was entirely on my body type, specifically my weight. The book provided great tips on how to wear the clothes you love regardless of your body type. This book should be included in every woman’s fashion toolbox.”

P. ELLIS Houston TX

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