Fashion and its changing trends

Changing Fashion Trends

Fashion trends come and go every now and then, but the point is whether you are aware of the new fashion. Here in this article, we will introduce you to the grossing fashion trends so that you look updated and stylish.

• Tie and dye:
This year tie and dye is something which is very much in trend. People love this print as it is both fashionable and comfortable. This print is usually seen in blue and white color, but can be done on any cloth and color, and it enhances the beauty of the color. It can be worn in the way of scarfs, tops, dresses, skirts, etc.

• Fringing:
The next thing that would be in trend this year is Fringing. Be it models or well-known actresses, everyone is loving these fringing dresses. They would be too much in trend and you can get these sorts of dresses and tops in all clothing boutiques in Houston. The most important thing to keep in mind while wearing fringe style garment or shoes is that you should give it a stylish look; instead of a cowboy look. You should ensure that you wear one thing which is embellished with fringe and the other things that you wear should be basic, to give it a better look.

• Animal print:
The third thing for which people are going mad about is animal print and has become a classic trend in today’s fashion world. It started coming in the year 2018, but by the start of the year 2019, people started loving it and designing clothes and footwear of leopard, snake and zebra print. You can always begin wearing animal print by first buying a bag or shoes, and then go for a dress with leopard print, which looks great. To make it look more stylish, you can try a small animal print as it would make you look more restrained.

• Sequence:
The next thing that looks great is sequence. Be it blouses or dresses, it looks glamorous and gives an exquisite look. Sequence was in fashion in the 80’s, but the trend is back again. You can also opt for a sequence skirt with a plain top to give an amazing look in any season. You can also pair up a sequence top with ripped denim or skirt to make a style statement or while going out for shopping with your friends or even at a dinner date.

• Neon
Neon is another thing which you should try as it gives a great look any time of the year. For a couple of years, neon had been out. But this year again, it is running in trend very much. But, mastering neon is not easy, so you should be confident and well aware of how to carry neon color clothes. You should ensure that you should wear light makeup with these colors and carry soft color accessories. Neon colors also look great if you plan to wear it on a beach or going for a night party.

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