Designer clothes- Why are they restricted to high profile gentry?

There is a debate among people about the high price tag of designer clothes. Is spending lavishly on designer cloth fine? It may be fine for folks with no budget constraints, but the guys with low income please themselves with window shopping of such kind of clothes. Are they overpriced? Are the designer clothes worth spending too much?

People genuinely believe that designer clothes are expensive. Let us check out why are they expensive.

  • They cost more money to produce

In the fashion industry, mostly the clothes are manufactured by the designer in limited quantity.  It ensures the exclusive products and low quantities. Not many types of clothes of the same kind increases the manufacturing cost; which ultimately results in high prices of the finished produce.

  • They require more time and energy to create

Their making involves a lot of time and hard work on behalf of the designer and his team.  High prices are demanded by designers for their mental and physical labour involved. You do not only pay for the item, you rather pay for time and energy invested by the designer.  Also you pay for the brand.

  • They are made from better materials

You can feel the difference between the two kinds of pieces by mere a look and touching it. They are made definitely of better quality material and is the reason for costing high prices.

  • You pay higher for hard work of  the team behind those amazing designs

Designer clothing is crafted by the qualified designer and his team who could do so now after studying for years. It involves great efforts. You pay more to the designers for spending years to create those pieces.

  • Higher marketing prices

Designer clothing marketing involves bulk of outflow of money, irrespective of the mode of marketing. Not only are many platforms for marketing used, but designers hire marketing team to promote their products.  These days there is increasing trend of marketing on social media in addition to traditional marketing style.

  • Brand name demands more money

One of the reasons for high prices of designer clothes is their brand.  Customers pay for their brand. The fashion industry is mainly about social status and exclusivity. Folks wear leading and luxury brands for quality and show off.  They are considered as status symbol and people want others to know what brand they are wearing.  No one would pay lavishly on clothes not belonging to brands.

  • Better quality and longer lasting

We all know better materials last long. The durability and fine quality makes the designer clothing expensive. People prefer designer items because each and every piece is expected to last for really long years. We all find it better to spend once than making the repurchase frequently.

  • Manufacturing costs more

All luxury brands have the best manufacturing units, qualified team and big gun stores in the best locations. Their packaging is exclusive, making the prices go high.

There are always some exceptions to all cases. Similar is the  case with Modchic- the premium clothing boutique in Houston as it offers reasonably priced designer apparel in Houston without compromising with the glee of clients and quality of the designer apparels.