Latest trends for 2019 summer

Latest trends for 2019

Summer is back again and the sun has started showing its arrogance in the form of hotness all around. It’s time to buy to add more to your summer’s collection. The main problem that we face during summers is dresses for parties and make up. Silk and its variants are hot favourite  during cool winters; but even thinking of silk in summer, gives us sweats. Whereas there are numerous choices for daily and casual wears. This blog is to give you a few must to have dresses and prints this summer.

Kind of fashion you need to look to be stylish –

Jump suits –

New on the ramp are jump suits and boiler suits. Try to go for floral jumpsuits in soothing colours of beige, white, baby pink, pastels, off white, light brown and khaki. The jump suit itself has a vast variety and is available in various cuts, sleeves style, back less jumpsuit or suit with deep back suit. There is heavy trending for lavender in jump suits and boiler suit. If you like to get into designer and trendiest jump suits, then go for Chic couture jump suits.



The animal prints are back and can be worn on any kind of apparels from a top to animal print jagging. These wild prints are loved on long and short dresses, jumpsuits, shirts, tunics, trousers and jackets.  Leopard printed jackets are hot these summers but overdo of this print may give some negative impact of your sense of clothing on your friends. If you wear jacket with animal print, go for a trouser in plane shade perhaps of darker shades. Without developing a second thought, go for chic couture jackets for coolest look this summer.



Summers and shorts knock our door together. Perhaps women love to wear shorts during summers not only to beat the heat, but to look hot in distinct types of shots. Say no to cycling kinds of shorts, it’s outdated. Rather replace them by knee length shorts. Again shorts with pastel colour base and some bright colour stripes and cheques are stealing the show this year. Khaki and floral shorts are always in and you can add some into your collection to use it for years and years.

Puffs and bell sleeves shirts-

Designers seemed to have revived puffed and bell sleeves shirts of 70’s and 80’s this season in an innovative style. They have been enlarged, elongated and are kept light to ensure less feel of heat. Cold shoulder shirts and tops with puffs and bell sleeves seem to be a rage amongst youngsters this season.

Rain coat and umbrella-

Need for an umbrella rises with the knock of summers and so does for raincoat as rain usually surprise us with its pitter patter rain drops.  Rain coats and umbrella for the year 2019 have been fabricated from luminous or shiny fabric with added feature of water resistance.

Hats –  

These are must to wear during summer, no matter where you are and it’s  the Latest trends Latest trends for 2019. They are must to have item in the list of high profile women as well as women with field’s jobs.  Oversized and bucket hats of the retro era are back.