A guide to right fit women blazers

Right Fit Women Blazers

Professional women can’t do without blazers actually, no matter what season it is, as it is the need of corporate world.  It is rather quintessential part of a working women and often wrong selection makes the women look clumsy, despite of expensive and branded blazers.  Right selection is all that matters and we bring you tips to choose the right blazer for yourself as your impression may help you to crack some deal.

  • Bust size – Right fit over your bust is necessary to have a well fitted blazer. Give a try to your blazer and check that they should neither be too tight nor too loose over your bust.  The standards for blazers for women are that it should be able to cover half of each breast from both the side. Buttoning should be comfortable over the area.

  • Length- You may find range of blazers in terms of length.  Generally the conventional type of blazers have length upon the hip bone.  Length depends completely on your preference but make sure that they should neither be too short or too long, it should rather compliment your look. Length of coat should be in proportion to your complete look.  Try to have variety in terms of length to protect your look from being stereotype.

  • Sleeves– Sleeves of your blazer are to be seriously taken into account. Along with length of  your sleeves, it’s fit over your arms too should be kept under check while purchasing.   Preferably  the length of your blazer shouldn’t exceed your wrist bone, shorter or longer than your arm up to wrist bone would give tacky look.  A3/4 length of sleeves is ideal for blazers and perfect  with cropped blazers. To be precise, blazer’s sleeves should not be around your mid of arm and also should not cover your palm too.  Also length of blazer and length of sleeves should go well together.

  • Shoulder–  You may have to raise your hand during presentation and  a right fit blazer will help you to look better as well.  It should neither be too loose nor too tight.  The seam of your shoulder should end around your shoulder and fit should be confirmed by making some movements.  These days youngsters prefer not to have shoulder pads  in their jacket, though it is a personal preference but shoulder pads  impart shape  and fit to blazer.

  • Buttons–   One should definitely pay attention to buttons in the blazers and confirm that they give desired comfort and look to your body while keeping them unbuttoned or buttoning up.  Check out the stance in Right Fit Women Blazers  while buying. Higher stance in blazer, more will be the buttons and vice a versa.

So, go online and browse for chic couture blazer from the top boutiques in Houston to stay attuned with trendy looks and carry them with style.